Frequently Asked Questions………



Q:      When do I get my Premium back?

A:      Premium for a Bond represents a fee for services rendered in securing release of

the defendant from custody and is Non-refundable.


Q:      Do I have to tell my Bondsman if I move?

A:      Yes, the Bondsman needs to be aware of Any address or telephone numbers

that have changed.


Q:      Bondsman can decide what to charge for the Bonds right?

A:      No, the Bondsman and All matters of the Bond Process are regulated by the

          state’s Department of Insurance.


Q:      My Bond was only $1,000, why did I have to pay $200 to get out?

A:      If you had a total Bond amount of $1,000 but you had two charges (2 Bonds) and

they were each $500 for example, each of those Bonds are Automatically $100 not

10%.  Any Bond with a face value of $0 to $1,000 automatically has an individual fee

of $100 per Bond.


Q:      What is Failure to Appear?

A:      This is when the defendant does not go to court (appear) on the date and time ordered

          by the court.


Q:      Will I get a Warrant for my arrest if I miss court?

A:      Yes, a warrant will be issued for Failure to Appear. (In some instances the Bondsman

          can have a court date re-scheduled.)


Q:      What does 10% of the Bond mean?

A:      10% percent of the face value of each Bond over the amount of $1,000.  Any Bond with a

face value of $0 to $1,000 automatically has an individual fee of $100 per Bond. This is

called Premium payment.


Q:      What is Collateral?

A:      Something of value either pledged as security or turned over to the bail agent to hold

          until the Bond has been completely discharged by the court.


Q:      What is a Co-Signer (Indemnitor)?

A:      One or more people who sign a Contract with the Bondsman stating they will pay any

           and all expenses the bondsman incurs returning the defendant to court if the defendant

          Fails to Appear.


Q:      What is a Surrender?

A:      Returning somebody to the custody of the court (jail).


Q:      What is Premium?

A:      The fee paid to the Bondsman for posting the bail bond and assuming physical and

          financial responsibility for the Defendant to Appear in Court.


Q:      Who regulates Bail Bonds?
A:      The state’s Department of Insurance.


Q:      My family member lives in another state, can they post my Bond?

A:      Yes, in most cases the Bond process and Payment of Premium can be made over the



Q:      I Co-signed for a Bond and the Defendant Failed to Appear, now what?

A:      Firstly, cooperate with the Bondsman. Provide them with as much information as you

          have to the fugitive’s whereabouts. If the Defendant makes contact with you encourage

them to surrender to the Bondsman or law enforcement. If a fugitive does not surrender

by the Due Date established by the Court, the Bondsman must remit the entire Face Value

Amount of the Bond to the court and will proceed to liquidate collateral. You are therefore

Financially Responsible for this total Amount (per contract).


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